Streamline your booking management with automated calendar syncing

As a landlord, do you face those problems?

Managing bookings across multiple rental platforms

Managing bookings across multiple rental platforms can be a major pain point for landlords renting out their property on Airbnb, VRBO,, TripAdvisor, and other sites. Here are some of the key issues that can arise:

  • Double bookings - When availability is not synced in real-time across platforms, it's easy to accidentally double book the same dates on different sites. This results in having to cancel on one guest, disappointing people.
  • Overbooking - Without a consolidated view, landlords may overbook thinking capacity is available when it's already been taken on another site. This leads to scrambling at the last minute to accommodate guests.
  • Scheduling headaches - Juggling bookings from multiple agents means constantly cross-referencing calendars to see existing reservations. This makes scheduling cleaning, maintenance or blackout dates extremely tedious.
  • Data errors - Manually updating each platform's calendar with new bookings or availability changes inevitably leads to data entry mistakes or missed updates. Incorrect calendars create bad guest experiences.
  • Response lags - Reacting to booking requests on one site requires manually blocking dates on the others before responding. The delays lead to missed bookings and lower occupancy.
  • Lost oversight - No single dashboard showing bookings across all platforms makes it impossible to get a property overview at a glance. Landlords lose visibility into earnings and occupancy.

With so many moving parts, double bookings, delays, and lost insights are inevitable. Keeping everything synchronized takes hours of redundant and error-prone data entry. Automated multi-calendar syncing solutions can help landlords regain control and save massive headaches.

Imagine getting rid of those pain points

One calendar to Synch them all

Imagine easily keeping your Airbnb, VRBO, and calendars in sync with each other. By implementing a two-way sync using the open .ics format, any time a guest books a reservation on Airbnb, it will automatically populate to your master calendar. Likewise, when you add or modify a booking elsewhere, all your booking calendar will update to reflect the change.

This seamless integration saves you time and eliminates double bookings across systems. As soon as a guest confirms on Airbnb, or VRBO, your calendar is up to date across all connected platforms, freeing you from manual data entry and checks.

Syncing also enables real-time availability reflecting the latest bookings. Guests see accurate availability when they search on VRBO, Airbnb, or, increasing booking rates. And you can conveniently manage everything from one central calendar without hopping between systems.

Leveraging automated two-way syncing allows you to expand your booking channels, while actually reducing the management workload per channel. And open format support like .ics ensures flexibility to integrate both current and future systems.

Let automated calendar syncing provide a single source of truth for all bookings, enabling you to focus on providing great guest experiences. The time savings and convenience will transform how you manage your short-term rental business across platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, or

Open standard

Calenda'sync supports the mostly used .ics format exchange. To avoid admin burden, let Calenda'sync be the master calendar, and have all others synchronize as second level calendars. 😎


Calenda'sync can automate synchronization between all calendars on a daily basis. 🥳

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More productive

Less admin, no double booking, one single source of the truth!

More automated

Only those booking cancellations may require new price setting with the agent websites

Open standard

Import / export your calenda'sync calendar to any other, your data is not locked with us!