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Why use Calenda'sync?

Remove the admin burden

Maintaining your booking calendar up to date on all agent websites as well as your own may take you half an hour per day, sometimes even more. In this day and age of automation, there is no good reason to waste time on repetitive administrative tasks.

Book your available slots direct

It's all well and good to list your property on AirBnB, Booking, HomeAway and others, but... it is costly. The commission you pay them is eating on your income and your margin. Calenda'sync integrates directly in your website and helps automate the booking process so that you can focus on bringing in clients and maximizing your profit.

Open standard

Calenda'sync supports the mostly used .ics format exchange. To avoid admin burden, let Calenda'sync be the master calendar, and have all others synchronize as second level calendars. 😎


Calenda'sync can automate synchronization between all calendars on a daily basis. 🥳

We Deliver Results
More productive

Less admin, no double booking, one single source of the truth!

More automated

Only those booking cancellations may require new price setting with the agent websites

Open standard

Import / export your calenda'sync calendar to any other, your data is not locked with us!

You can integrate a calendar like this one into your own webpages within a few minutes. This calendar also automatically synchronises with AirBnB, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, and more...