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Synchronize all your calendars in one place AirBnB, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and more...

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Small landlords, we have your back!

If you are a casual landlord, and more specifically if you operate in the Serviced Accommodation business, either providing holiday rentals, or operating a small boutique hotel, you will have two frustrations very high on your list of daily or weekly activities:

  • 1/ It seems like the rental platforms are taking more and more commission each year
  • 2/ It is bloody hard and time consuming to synchronize all those calendars, track the bookings, payments, taxes and more...
To resolve the first point, you may have already established your own website to capture direct income. But then it makes the second point even worse, with an extra system to manage and synchronize.

Welcome to the world of multi-platforms automated synchronizations and seamless business operations consolidation!
You can integrate a calendar like this one into your own webpages within a few minutes. This calendar also automatically synchronises with AirBnB, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, and more...